For the past eight years, Camisha Farris has tried to expand her flooring company. She said it hasn’t always been easy obtaining city contracts, but she believes Charlotte is taking a step in the right direction when it comes to hiring minority-owned businesses.

“It’s very heartfelt, and they are working hard to resolve the issues,” Farris said.

At an event Wednesday to kick off Small Business Month, Mayor Anthony Foxx also talked about the preliminary results from a recent disparity study. It’s the second study involving minority-owned businesses in Charlotte, and while it shows improvements have been made over the last several years, disparities still exist.

When it comes to construction firms, the study says there is disparity in the African-American, Hispanic-American and Native-American categories.  For architecture and engineering firms, there’s disparity in the African-American category.

“The effort at this point is to figure out whether there’s a narrowly tailored approach to those areas where there are disparities, to address those disparities, and right now, the council is working through that,” Foxx said.

But Farris is optimistic, believing the city is doing what it can to even the playing field for minority business owners.

“It’s very important that you have diversity inclusion, especially in the working force,” Farris said.

The final report from the second consultant will be presented to the city’s Economic Development Committee in June.