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Borrowing money to grow a business: A closer look

It takes money to make money. Anyone who has managed a growing business can appreciate that adage. Here’s a look at how the owners of Anointed Flooring Inc. of Charlotte used a loan to grow their business.
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Anointed Flooring: From startup to ‘Rising Business’

Anointed Flooring did not simply endure the construction-industry crash, it prevailed. After “a really rough 2009,” says co-owner Camisha Farris, the company saw its revenue hit $500,000 last year, and added three employees.
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Small Business Spotlight: Anointed Flooring

Camisha Farris was excited about a new contract for her company, Anointed Flooring, a full service flooring company in Charlotte, providing commercial and residential flooring solutions for the government, prime contractors, schools, universities, public housing, military installations and multi-family housing.
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Broadloom producers place spotlight on their best

When it comes to showcasing the best of the best, broadloom producers are giving dealers and consumers a lot more to choose from these days, including a larger palette of colors, new softer-than-ever yarns and the strongest durability and performance story in industry history.
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